Philips FlatTV 9600 and 9700 series HDTVs

Philips FlatTV 9600 and 9700 series HDTVs

Philips shows its FlatTV 9600 and 9700 series LCD HDTVs at the IFA 2008. The FlatTV 9600 is available in 32-inch(32PFL9603), 37-inch (37PFL9603), 42-inch (42PFL9603) and 47-inch (47PFL9603)models, while the FlatTV 9700 series has 42-inch (42PFL9703), 47-inch (47PFL9703) and 52-inch (52PFL9703) models.

Both series feature 1920x1080p Full HD resolution, up to 30,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, 17-bit Color Booster, Perfect Pixel HD Engine which includes the Perfect Natural Motion technology, Perfect Contrast and Perfect Color. The FlatTV 9700 offers also Wide Color Gamut display and xvYCC input.

These HDTVs comes with also the Ambilight Spectra 3 technology that further immerses and engages viewers like no other display and adjusts the timing of its LED’s to help enhance on-screen motion.

The FlatTV 9600 comes in a sophisticated design and the FlatTV 9700 has a modern elegant design. They both have four HDMI 1.3a+ EasyLink.

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