Runco shows Seven New 1080p LCD and Plasma Flat Panels

Runco Crystal Series CX-70DHD LCD

At the CEDIA EXPO 2008, Runco presents seven new 1080p LCD and plasma flat panel displays.

The largest one is the Crystal Series CX-70DHD that offers 70-inch screen size. It comes with Runco’s external DHDTM video controller/processor and Vivix IITM digital video processing technology for best image quality. CX-70DHD features also the VirtualWide mode that can convert all 4:3 image to 16:9 aspect ratio.

Runco’s new Crystal Series includes also the 65-inch CX-65HD and 47-inch CX-47HD that come with Vivix II processing and 120Hz refresh rate.

Runco shows also the CinemaWall plasma display, including the 50-inch XP-50 and 65-inch XP-65. Both of them have the Vivix II processing, ISFccc calibration and Dynamic Pixel Protection technology.

There are also the Climate Portfolio WP-42OPALHD and the CX-OPAL47 LCD that offers the OPAL (Optical Path Alignment) image enhancement technology.

Runco’s Crystal Series CX-70DHD is available mid-October 2008. MSRP is $34,995. The CX-65HD and CX-47HD will be available December 2008 and have MSRPs of $14,995 and $4,495 respectively. Runco’s PlasmaWall XP-65 and XP-50 will be available January 2009. MSRP is $12,995 and $6,495, respectively. The WP-42OPALHD is available for immediate shipping at $8,995 MSRP and the CX-OPAL47 LCD will ship in January for $5,995 MSRP.



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