Microsooft Zune gets 16GB and 120GB

Microsooft Zune gets 16GB and 120GB

Microsoft officially announced the new Zune that comes with 16GB and 120GB capacities. These Zune player will have integrated FM tuner and WiFi connectivity. Combine the two, Microsoft offers the Buy from FM services that allows users to buy music directly from the FM radio. Thanks to the Radio Data System and RT+ data feeds within the FM broadcast frequencies that identify song and artist data and enable the Zune service to identify and deliver the track to the customer.

With WiFi users can also login to the Zune Marketplace music store for music purchases. There are also Zune Channels, Personal Picks and Zune Social online music community for music recommendations.

The new Zune supports also audiobooks and the Audible format.

The 120GB model of Zune will be priced at $249.99 while the 16GB at $199. Other Zunes get also a new price, 4GB for $129.9, 8GB for $149.99, and 80GB for $229.99.



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