3M Mobile ID Reader

3M Mobile ID Reader

3M announced its new portable Mobile ID reader for identity management on the move. This Mobile ID reader is like a portable credit card scanner, but it’s for scanning Visa or Passport. It is able to read MRZ and RF chip data from passports, ID cards or other identification documents.

3M Mobile ID Reader features support for WiFi, GSM/GPRS, EDGE wireless connectivity. It has a touchscreen display, fingerprint scanner. It runs Windows Mobile 6.

3M Mobile ID Reader combines 3M’s own reader technology with Psion Teklogix’s WORKABOUT PRO hand-held data terminal to scan passengers’ identity documents and capture their biometric data, verify these against a watch list and compile a manifest for export to a border control system.

This Mobile ID Reader has acutally been used by Swiss Border Guard at the Euro 2008 event.



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