Panasonic 3D Full HD Plasma Theater System

Panasonic 3D Full HD Plasma Theater System

Panasonic has developed the world’s first 3D Full HD Plasma Theater System, which will be shown during the CEATEC Japan 2008. The 3D Full HD system comes with a 103-inch large plasma TV and a Blu-ray (BD) player offering 1920×1080 Full HD images.

The Blu-ray Disc player that comes with the system is able to playback Blu-ray Discs with 3D, consisting of left- and right-sided, 1080p full HD images.

Panasonic has developed the following technologies for realizing the new system.

1.Plasma display: The performance of Panasonic’s plasma panels, whose self-illumination allows for excellent video response, has been brought out to the fullest extent in the development of a 3D driving system that displays the left and right images together as full HD images.

2. BD: Using the optical disc technology cultivated by Panasonic over many years, and the authoring technology developed by Panasonic Hollywood Laboratory (PHL), it has been possible to record 3D images — consisting of respective left and right 1080p full HD images — onto a single, standard BD.

3. BD player: Panasonic has developed a technology to decode and play back the left and right full HD image data recorded to the BD in real time.

4.3D images: Panasonic has produced 3D contents that allow the viewers to experience fascinating 3D images, including dynamic images of athletes at the Olympic Games, and animated movies by Hollywood. These contents will be shown in a special theater set up in the Panasonic booth in Hall 3 at CEATEC JAPAN 2008.



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