Toshiba 256GB MLC Solid State Drive

Toshiba 256GB MLC Solid State Drive

Toshiba has just showed us the 1.8-inch 250GB HDD, this time Toshiba presents the 2.5-inch SATA2 256GB Solid State Drive (SSD) with an original MLC controller. Toshiba’s new 256GB SSD (THNS256GE8BC) features a max 120MB/s read speed and a max 70MB/s write speed.

Along with the 256GB MLC SSD, Toshiba introduces also the new Flash Modules, small SSDs with 8GB(THNSA08G0P4L), 16GB(THNSA16G1P4L) and 32GB(THNSA32G1P4L) capacities. These Flash Modules offers a max 80MB/s read speed and 50MB/s max write speed.

Toshiba is going to start mass production of the above products in Q4 2008.



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