Belkin FlyThru Checkpoint-Friendly Laptop Case

Belkin FlyThru Checkpoint-Friendly Laptop Case

Belkin introduces the FlyThru, a checkpoint-friendly laptop case that saves you time in airport security lines. The FlyThru has a design that isolates laptop for easy screening and is with minimal metal zippers and hardware for screening clarity. It fits most laptops up to 15.4-inch, both standard and widescreen.

Belkin developed this checkpoint-friendly bag, which meets the guidelines set forth by TSA, with the business traveler in mind. Just unzip the case and lay it flat on the screening belt. Thoughtful design elements like the zipper position lets you grab your bag right off the belt and head off to your gate, without anything falling out.

Belkin’s FlyThru laptop case is priced at $59.99.



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