MSI Wind U110 and U115 Netbooks

MSI Wind U110 and U115 Netbooks

Other than the upcoming Wind U120, MSI is adding to its Wind series the U110 and the U115. The MSI Wind U115 will come with both SSD and hard drive. The SSD is intended for OS and the hard drive will be for data storage.

Both of them will be powered by an Intel Atom Z530 processor. The U110 has 1GB of RAM while the U115 gets 2GB. Like other Wind netbooks, U110 and U115 features WiFi, Bluetooth and 10-inch display. They will comes with a 6-cell battery.

Wind U110 packs up to 250GB hard drive and the Wind U115 get up to 160GB hard drive AND up to 32GB SSD. They have 4-in-1 card reader.



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