Novo Minoru – the First 3D webcam

Novo Minoru - the First 3D webcam

This Novo Minoru is the world’s first 3D webcam. The Novo Minoru allows your friends or family to see you in 3D via IM applications such as Windows Live Messenger, Skype, AOL instant messenger.

You can also use the Minoru to take 3D photos or 3D videos. However, you need  to wear cardboard glasses when using this 3D webcam.

Novo Minoru has been reviewed by Reghardware:

There are dozens of low-cost webcams available these days, and it’s easy to dismiss the Minoru’s 3D effect as a mere novelty that will quickly lose its appeal. However, a head teacher of our acquaintance did sound quite intrigued by the ability to record video clips of science projects where you could hold models or other objects up to the lens and examine them in 3D. We wouldn’t describe it as a ‘must-have’ gadget by any means, but it’s not expensive, making the Minoru is an affordable indulgence.


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