PQI microSATA SSD S518, Express Card SSD S520, SATA II SSD S525 and e-SATA Combo Card S530

PQI Express Card SSD S520 e-SATA Combo Card S530

PQI is going to show its new SSD products at the CES 2009, including the S518 1.8-inch microSATA SSD, S520 Express Card SSD, S525 2.5-inch SATA II SSD and S530 e-SATA Combo Card.

The 1.8-inch microSATA SSD S518 and the 2.5-inch SATA II SSD S525 both have a storage capacity up to 128GB. The former can be installed into PCs or laptops while the latter offers two interfaces.

PQI’s Express Card SSD S520 comes with 32GB capacity and uses PCI/E slot and PQI’s patented Intelligent Stick Interface. Users can also use it as a USB flash drive.

The 64GB e-SATA Combo Card S530 offers e-SATA interface and a maximum read speed of 90MB/Sec.



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