Sharp AQUOS E77U and E67U LCD HDTVs

Sharp AQUOS E77U and E67U LCD HDTVs

Sharp presents the new AQUOS E77U and E67U LCD HDTV models at the CES 2009. The four new models of the AQUOS E77U series includes the 65-inch LC-65E77U, 52-inch LC-52E77U, 46-inch LC-46E77U and 40-inch LC-40E77U while the AQUOS E67U comes in 40-inch (LC-40E67U) and 32-inch (LC-32E67U) models.

Sharp’s AQUOS E77U series features Full HD resolution, 10-bit ASV Superlucent panel, and 10-bit processing engine. The LC-40E77U has the Spectral Contrast Engine, Optical Picture Control(OPC) that automatically adjust luminance to room brightness and lighting conditions. The E77U HDTVs have five HDMI1.3 connectors with Deep Color and 24p input capability.

The AQUOS E67U series has Full HD 1080p resolution as wel and comes with four HDMI with 24p input capability.

Pricing and availability

  • LC-65E77U June MSRP  $4,499.99
  • LC-52E77U  February MSRP  $2,399.99
  • LC-46E77U  February MSRP  $2,099.99
  • LC-40E77U  March MSRP  $1,399.99
  • LC-40E67U  March MSRP  $1,199.99
  • LC-32E67U  February  MSRP $899.99


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