Panasonic 2009 Urban Collection Massage Chairs

Panasonic Urban Collection EP1285KL-TL massage chair

Panasonic is showing its 2009 Urban Collection massage chairs at the CES 2009. There are three models, the EP1285KL/TL and EP1082KL/TL-Combo, crafted from from premium black or brown leather with brushed aluminum accents; and the EP1080T/L in a luxurious leather-like upholstery.

These elegant, contemporary massage chairs feature four pre-set programs and eight manual modes for a total of 44 massage combinations, including Swedish, Shiatsu and Quick modes and Chiro mode. They all recline 170-degree, so are comfortable and stylish, so they made excellent massage chairs.

Panasonic Urban Collection EP1082KL-TL-Combo massage chair

Panasonic?�s EP1285KL/TL has an adjustable ottoma a 14-airbag circulation system for a more complete lower body massage while the EP1080T/L offers a separate ottoman that features an eight-airbag system and can also be rotated 180 degrees for use as a footrest.

Panasonic 2009 Urban Collection chairs are available now. The EP1285KL/TL,? EP1082KL/TL-Combo and EP1080T/L models are priced at $2699.99, $2699.99 and $1699.99 respectively.



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