iRiver WAVE-HOME multimedia networking device


At the CES 2009, iRiver shows us its WAVE-HOME multimedia networking device that is comprised of the so-called “Next Generation Networking Base Station and Handset”.

The iRiver WAVE-HOME does more than a home networking device offering advanced multimedia , web and phone features. The base station features a 7-inch large LCD touchscreen. When connected to broadband Internet, iRiver’s WAVE-HOME offers Web surfing, and also supports Internet phone service at home and in the office with VoIP Phone, VoIP Video Phone, SMS/MMS.


In addition to phone and VoIP functions, the WAVE-HOME is also designed to integrate all of your personal digital content such as music, photos, movies, digital photo frame, hand drawing, Internet and phone services. It has a built-in stereo speakers. It comes with a 1.3 Megapixel camera.

The WAVE-HOME utilizes as widget-based GUI for user-friendly control.




[press release PDF]


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