IDAPT i2 and i3 Universal Chargers

IDAPT i3 P3NK universal charge

IDAPT introduces the i2 and i3 universal chargers that can charge most portable electronic devices such as mobile phones, MP3 players, digital cameras, game consoles, PDA, GPS, Bluetooth devices, etc.

IDAPT i3 BL3CK universal charge

IDAPT i2 and i3 has interchangeable tip system so users can change the tips for the tips for devices they want to charge. These chargers are designed to allow comfortable and simple connection and disconnection of electronic devices.

IDAPT i2 has two charge slots while the i3 has three sockets. The i2 is avaialbel in silver dubbed as i2 SL2VR while the i3 is available in Black (i3 BL3CK) and Pink (i3 P3NK).

IDAPT i2 SL2VR universal charge



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