imate 810F Windows Phone Video Demo


UnwiredView presents a video demo of imate’s F810F rugged Windows phone. In the video the guy showed us how strong the 810F is. The phone has been dropped from 10 feet, submerged in water, coffee, orange juice, ketchup and salt but still works.

imate’s 810F features a 2.5-inch QVGA touchscreen display, QWERTY keyboard, WiFi, GPS, compass and HSDPA support.


Another phone being shown in the video is imate’s Centurion, a credit-card sized QWERTY phone. The phone looks tiny and has QWERTY keyboard.


Last phone is the Legionnaire, a touchscreen mobile phone running Windows Mobile. imate Legionnaire is powered by a 800MHz processor and support HSDPA, WiFi and GPS.



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