LaCie Core4 and Core7 USB Hubs

LaCie Core4 and Core7 USB Hubs

LaCie introduces the new Core4 (left) and Core 7 (right) USB hubs that are designed by Sam Hecht. Based on the design of Hecht’s Littel Disk, the Core4 and Core7 both have built-in cables.

LaCie’s Core4 comes in the shape of a small matchbox. It has three external USB ports. The Core7, on the other hand, offers six USB ports. Both of them have a standard USB cable for connecting PC or Mac and a mini-USB cable for charging mobile devices.

Lacie Core4 and Core7 is available in Warm Grey, Blue and Orange. They are priced at $9.99 and 19.99 respectively. You can get one here.



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