Hitachi UltraVision and Alpha series LCD HDTVs

Hitachi UltraVision and Alpha series LCD HDTVs

Hitachi announced in the US its new UltraVision series and Alpha series LCD HDTVs that come with an elegant design.

The UltraVision series that headlines the two new series, will be available in 55-inch (L55S603), 46-inch (L46S603) and 42-inch (L42S503) screen sizes. They offer 1080p Full HD resolution, 120Hz panel speed, and Hitachi’s Reel120 smooth movie motion technology. The UltraVision series will include built-in ATSC/QAM/NTSC TV tuner.

Hitachi’s Alpha series, on the other hand, comes in 42-inch (L42A403) and 32-inch (32A403) screen sizes. They have a 60Hz panel speed and 1080p and 720p resolution respectively.

Pricing and availability:

UltraVision 55-inch L55S603: September $1799
UltraVision 46-inch L46S603: August $1299
UltraVision 42-inch L42S503: June $999

Alpha Series 42-inch L42A403: May $849
Alpha Series 32-inch L32A403: May $499



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