ATP Photo Finder Pro Geo-tagging device

ATP Photo Finder Pro Geo-tagging device

ATP, after the Photo Finder mini, introduces the Photo Finder Pro geotagging device. Unlike Sony’s CS3KA that works with only Sony’s camera, the Photo Finder Pro works with over 450 models of digital cameras. The device is equipped with SirF Star III GPS chipset and can store GPS data for 500 to 5500 hours.

Simply activate the device while taking photos, the Photo Finder Pro will calculates and records GPS position data and allows you to precisely track the exact location and time of where your pictures were taken. After finish taking photos, simply insert your SD, Memory Stick or MMC memory card into the Photo Finder’s built-in card slot and the GPS data will be synchronized and added to all pictures on the card.

The Photo Finder Pro supports CF, MS and SD cards. It can generate KML file and offers POI ( Point of Interest ) recording function. It can be used with geotagging services and software such as Google Earth/Maps, Flickt, iPhoto..etc. ATP Photo Finder Pro is priced at $119.



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