Pioneer Elite BDP-23FD and BDP-320, BDP-120 Blu-ray Players

Pioneer Elite BDP-23FD

Pioneer launches the new Elite BDP-23FD as well as BDP-120 and BDP-320 Blu-ray disc players. The Elite BDP-23FDhas an unique design and comes with the Precision Quartz Lock System and KURO Link Picture Mode. You can also expect 7.1-channel audio support, BD-Live, 48-Bit Deep Color, audiophile capacitors and a RS-232 port.

The BDP-320 is also a 7.1-channel Blu-ray player with Precision Quartz Lock System, BD-Live and 48-bit deep color. It lack an unique design and audiophile capacitors, however. Lastly, the BDP-120 is a more basic Blu-ray player with 32-bit color.

All these players do DVD 1080p upscaling and 1080p/24fps output. BDP-23FD and BDP-320 have 1GB internal memory while the BDP-120 gets 1GB USB drive. Each of them has a USB port for connecting external storage devices.

Pioneer Elite BDP-23FD is priced at $599, while the BDP-320 and BDP-120 cost $399 and $299 respectively.



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