WildCharge Skins for iPhone 3GS and iPod touch

WildCharge Skin for iPhone 3GS and iPod touch

WildCharge introduces the new WideCharge Adapter Skins for iPhone and iPod touch. Basically, the WildCharge Skins are durable, protective form-fitting cases that allows your iPhone and iPod touch to be wire-free charged. The iPhone Skin works with all iPhone models, including the iPhone 3GS.

The skins provide the same protection consumers already enjoy from traditional skins, but have the added value and convenience of enabling a wire-free charge. To enjoy wireless charging, simply put your iPhone/iPod touch inside the skin and the place the them on the WildCharger Pad.

The WildCharge Pad is able to charge multiple devices at the same time. There are also WildCharge Skins for Blackberry Pearl, Curve and Motorola RAZR. The company offers also the Universal Adapter that allows wire-free charging to over 150 mobile phone models from Motorola, RIM, and Nokia.



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