Lexar Platinum II 32GB 60x SDHC

Lexar Platinum II 32GB 60x SDHC

Lexar, part of Micron, introduces the 32GB Platinum II 60X SDHC memory card. The new 32GB SDHC utilizes Micron’s new 34nm 32Gb NAND chip. The card is speed-rated at Class 4 and offers 60x speed, meaning a sustained write speed of 9MB per second and a minimum-sustained read speed of 12MB per second.

A 32GB SDHC is able to store up to 12 hours of HD video or more than 20,000 5 Megapixel images. Lexar’s Platinum II 32GB SDHC is priced at $139.99. 4GB, 8GB, 16GB versions of Platinum II 60X SDHC are also available.



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