Yamaha NeoHD YMC-500 and YMC-700 Media Controllers

yamaha neoHD WiFi YMC-700 media controller top angle

Yamaha presents a new series of media controllers, the neoHD YMC-500 and the neoHD WiFi YMC-700 with Ethernet and WiFi. These media controllers offers a total media management to your AV sources. Just connect all your AV devices to the controller, you can now control all of them using a simple remote control.

yamaha neoHD YMC-500 media controlle front

Yamaha’s NeoHD media controllers have three HDMI inputs for connecting high-definition AV devices, as well as two component video inputs and a composite video input. There is also a USB port for USB media players or USB storage devices. neoHD supports Yamaha’s AIR SURROUND XTREME, CINEMA DSP technology, YPAO room correction and Adaptive DRC dynamic volume control as well as Dolby TrueHD and DTS Digital Surround audio decoding.

The neoHD WiFi YMC-700, as mentioned, has built-in WiFi and Ethernet connectivity allowing media streaming from your network or your PC, or Rhapsody online music service and Internet radio directly from the internet. It can also handle iTunes AAC files via TwonkyMedia Server Software.

The NeoHD YMC-500 and YMC-700 are priced at $799.95 and $599.95, respectively. Yamaha offers also the $799.99 neoHD 2.1 System(YMC-S21)  that includes the neoHD YMC-500 media controller, 2 stylish speakers and a powerful subwoofer.

yamaha neoHD YMC-500 media controller top angle

yamaha neoHD WiFi YMC-700 media controller front

yamaha neoHD 2.1 System YMC-S21



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