Sanyo eneloop bike CY-SPK227 and CY-SPJ220 electric hybrid bikes

Sanyo eneloop bike CY-SPK227 electric hybird bike

Sanyo adds to its eneloop bike line two new models, the CY-SPK227 and CY-SPJ220. They both feature the Two-Wheel Drive System that powers the rear wheel with conventional pedal power and the front wheel with electric motor.

Sanyo eneloop bike CY-SPJ220 electric hybrid bike

The eneloop bike CY-SPK227 is a ultra lightweight hybird bike that uses a carbon composite frame for facilitating rigidity and vibration absorption. The CY-SPJ220, on the other hand, is a foldable bike. They both offer the Loop Charge Function that generates electricity by switching the motor to a dynamo and charges the bicycle’s battery during cycling.

Sanyo eneloop bike CY-SPJ220 electric hybrid bike folded

The CY-SPK227 will be available in October for 627,900 Yen and the CY-SPJ220 will be released in September.



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