Guidepoint Connect in-car Bluetooth Hands-free system

Guidepoint Connect in-car Bluetooth Hands-free system

Guidepoint System announced the Guidepoint Connect, an in-car Bluetooth hands-free provides  hands-free calling, integrated music control and emergency services/roadside help at the touch of a button.

The device has only four buttons, the standard dial and hangup buttons for hands-free calling, a phone button that connects callers directly to Guidepoint’s 24/7/365 response centers, as well as a white-cross button that can be integrated with Guidepoint’s GPS tracking device for pinpoint location-based services and one-touch emergency dispatch.

The Guidepoint Connect can connect and control cellphone, iPod, iPhone and other portable music/media players with its Clear Connect function. Once connected, music will be played over the car’s stereo system. The Guidepoint Connect Bluetooth system is priced at $399.



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