Kwikset SmartCode with Home Connect Technology

Kwikset SmartCode with Home Connect

Kwikset introduces the SmartCode withh Home Connect technology, a remote access control system. Basically, the SmartCode is a lock that can be wirelessly controlled. It has a motorized deadbolt, so homeowners can lock or unlock doors via remote control or cellphone.

There is also a keypad which means you don’t even need to use a key. The SmartCode even allows users to arm the home security system when the door is locked and disarm the system when the door is unlocked. It opeates on four AA batteries.

Enhanced Access Control Features

  • Time Stamping
  • Time Fencing
  • Add/Delete Multiple Users

Interoperability with Security Systems

  • Locks Doors When System is Armed
  • Disarms Security System When Door is Unlocked
  • Communicates Door Lock Status

Interoperability with other Home Control Systems

  • Lock Doors with Handheld Remote or Touch Screen
  • Customize Lighting Scenes Upon Entrance
  • Automatically Unlock Doors in Case of Fire

Remote Access Control Capabilities

  • Lock or Unlock Doors with a Mobile Device or Secure Internet Connection
  • Check Lock Status Remotely
  • Receive Notification of Who Enters your Home and When
  • Remotely Add or Delete Codes


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