Avaak Vue Personal Video Network

Avaak ships its Vue Personal Video Network, which is basically an internet real-time remote video viewing system. The wireless camera system allow users to see their families and businesses from virtually anywhere.

Avaak Vue Personal Video Network

Included in the package are two wireless cameras, four peel and stick magnetic mounts and a wireless gateway that is to be plugged into router for internet connection. It’s miniature cameras stream real-time video directly to the Internet, viewable on all major browsers. The FrameMesh low-power technology allows the cameras to operate for up to a year without changing the battery.

The Vue Personal Video Network is priced at $299 including two camera, additional camera costs $99 each.

Features of the Vue include:

  • The included ‘peel and stick’ magnetic mounts allow the cameras to be installed in minutes and placed virtually anywhere. They also provide the flexibility to move cameras from room-to-room at a moment’s notice
  • Capacity to add more cameras to the network with the push of a button; the system supports up to 50 cameras
  • The ability to upload and share video or still images to popular social networking sites like YouTube and Flickr
  • Camera range of 300 feet range which can be extended with optional repeaters
  • Two gigabytes of online storage
  • One year battery life under normal use



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