Freecom MediaPlayer II NAS/HD Media Player

Freecom MediaPlayer II NAS HD Media Player

Freecom offers the MediaPlayer II, a mixture of NAS (Network Attached Stoarge) and HD media player. The device can also be used as an external USB hard drive. It connects to your network using Ethernet LAN connection.

The MediaPlayer II is based on 3.5-inch hard drive. It is capable of media playback and offers HDMI connector supporting up to 1080i output. Most media files are supported, including MPEG4, MKV H.264. Composite and Component videi outputs are also provided. The MediaPlayer II includes also BitTorrent client.

Freecom MediaPlayer II is available in 500GB ($245), 1TB ($289) and 1.5TB ($339) capacities. Users can get also the WLAN Adapter ($55) adding WiFi connectivity to the NAS/HD media player combo. You can also get the stand-alone MediaPlayer II DriveIn-Kit ($159)so you can install your own hard drive.



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