DoubleSight Smart USB Monitors

DoubleSight DS-90UC Smart USB Monitor

DoubleSight Displays announced the new Smart USB Monitor line of USB LCD displays that comes with built-in support for multi monitor mode. There are three models, the 7-inch DS-70U and the 9-inch DS-90U and DS-90UC.

The 7-inch model has 800×480 resolution and the 9-inch displays offer 1024×600 resolution. The DS-90UC packs also a detachable webcam. These Smart USB Monitors support both landscape and Portrait viewing modes and are compatible with both PC and Mac.

DoubleSight’s new Smart USB displays utlize the DisplayLink technology and will be shipped with DisplayLink software. The DS-70U, DS-90U and DS-90UC are priced at $119, $139 and $159 respectively, including an adjustable desktop stand, a protective travel cover for portable use, and a USB Cable.



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