GiSTEQ PhotoTrackr Mini DPL900 Geotagging Device

GiSTEQ PhotoTrackr Mini DPL900 Geotagging Device

GiSTEQ introduces the new PhotoTrackr Mini DPL900 a compact geotagging device. The device utilizes “latest Geo-Mapping technology allowing you to precisely record and review your trip no matter where you have traveled. If you took pictures on your trip, it will show you the exact location and time of your pictures. It is designed to look like a USB flash drive.

The PhotoTrackr Mini is compatible with Mac software and supports RAW photos on Mac. It works with all digital cameras. It costs $69.99.

How it works

  1. Synchronize your camera time using PhotoTrackr software.
  2. Take PhotoTrackr with you when you shoot photos.
  3. Transfer GPS data and photos into your Mac/PC.
  4. PhotoTrackr program will geotag your photos automatically.


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