Cheetah C50 Speed, Red Light Camera Detector

Cheetah C50 Speed, Red Light Camera Detector

Cheetah launches the C50 speed, red light camera detector that warns you in advance about photo enforcement safety camera locations and high risk accident zones. The C50 offers voice, tone and visual alerts for all types of photo enforcement cameras. It has three user modes: All cameras, mobile traps and safety alerts, Speed and red-light cameras and Speed cameras only.

Cheetah C50 features also speedometer, compass, internal GPS antenna and Directional Intelligence that offers multi-direction alerts. It can be pre-loaded with the camera database of North America, Europe or Australasia. The databased can be updated via USB using PC with internet access.
Photo enforcement cameras the Cheetah C50 can detect:

  • Speed cameras
  • Red light cameras
  • Speed-on-green red light cameras
  • Point-to-point average speed cameras
  • Well known camera van locations
  • Well known speed trap sites
  • Accident zones & dangerous intersections



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