ViewSonic N01 Atom MID running Windows XP

ViewSonic N01 Atom MID windows xp starting

Let’s us take a look at ViewSonic’s N01 mobile internet device, which is probably still in prototype stage. The device is powered by Intel’s Atom Z510 processor and runs the Windows XP OS.

ViewSonic N01 Atom MID antenna

The N01 has 1GB of memory and 10GB storage capacity. It gets a touchscreen of about 5-6-inch and comes with a stylus. ViewSonic’s MID includes built-in support for 3G connectivity and WiFi. The Atom device has a front camera and a back camera. As you can see in a picture below, it has antenna so we can probably find built-in mobile TV tuner as well.

Other than this MID, ViewSonic will also release in China the VCP08 Windows XP Phone.

ViewSonic N01 Atom MID

ViewSonic N01 Atom MID back



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