Active Media Ken Elkinson USB Flash Drive

Active Media Products (ActiveMP) announced the new Ken Elkinson series USB flash drive. Available in 2GB, 4GB, 8GB and 16GB capacities, the new drive comes pre-loaded with six original Ken Elkinson piano solo tracks in MP3 format.

Active Media Ken Elkinson USB Flash Drive

The Ken Elkinson drive, in fact, is based on the company’s Pivot-NY-1 drive. It comes in tiny pivot style and includes hologram of the Statue of Liberty on its front, tying into Ken’s roots in New York City. The new flash drive is waterproof and supports up to 200x transfer speeds.

  • PV2G-KE        2GB Ken Elkinson USB Drive  $9.95
  • PV4G-KE       4GB Ken Elkinson USB Drive  $15.95
  • PV8G-KE       8GB Ken Elkinson USB Drive  $19.95
  • PV16G-KE   16GB Ken Elkinson USB Drive  $39.95



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