Samsung Diva S7070 and S5150 Phones for Women

Samsung Diva S7070 touchscreen for women

As reported, Samsung is launching the Diva Collection 2010 phone designed for modern women who seek high-fashion and a luxurious lifestyle. The first two models introduced are the Diva S7070 and the Diva Folder S5150.

Samsung Diva Folder S5150 Phone for Women

Samsung’s Diva S7070 is a touchscreen phone with a 3.2 Megapixel camera and access to social networking sites. It comes in pearly-white and has a diamond-shaped crystal button on the front. The Diva folder S5150, on the other hand, is a clamshell phone that offers a shiny, silver-toned back cover featuring a 3D quilted pattern.

Both the Diva and the Diva folder include arious image editing features such as ‘Beauty Shot’ and ‘Lomo Effect,’ and built-in security features including ‘SOS Message’ and ‘Fake Call.’ Samsung will release the Diva Collection 2010 in January 2010.



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