Everki Camber EVA EKS616EBK Netbook Bag doubles as a Mobile Desk

Everiki introduces the Camber EVA Netbook Case (Model: EKS616EBK), a stylish netbook bag that doubles as an ergonomic mobile desk. The Camber EVA not only serves as a case to protect or carry your netbook, it’s clever ‘incline’ design allows it to double as a convenient, ergonomic travel desk or lap stand.

Everki Camber EVA EKS616EBK Netbook Case

The Everki Camber includes also a uniquely designed quad-surface dual Velcro interface strap system that allows for quick changes between sling and briefcase carrying, or complete strap removal to turn the Camber into sleeve mode for stowage inside another bag.

Everki’s new netbook case fits netbooks or notebooks up to 13-inch.  The official price is $49.99.




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