Boxee Box by D-Link

Boxee Box by D-Link

As reported, Boxee is planning its first hardware device, the Boxee Box. It turns out, Boxee has partnered with D-Link to develop the Boxee Box and D-Link has revealed more details of the box.

Basically you can consider the Boxee Box as a internet-connected HD media player running Boxee’s media center software. The cube-shaped device supports WiFi and Ethernet for internet connectivity and offers HDMI output. It has a SD card slot and two USB 2.0 ports for expansion. There are also composite audio and optical audio connectors. A remote control is included.

Boxee Box by D-Link back

The Boxee Box, according to Boxee, plays any non-DRM media and gives users access to online content and social networking. The Box will be released in 2010.



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