iHome iP2, iP39 and iP49 Audio Systems for iPhone/iPod

iHome iP2 iPod iPhone speaker dock
iHome iP2 iPod iPhone speaker dock

iHome iP2

iHome Audio announced three new audio systems for iPhoen and iPod, the iP2 Home Audio System, the iP39 Kitchen timer and alarm clock radio speaker system and the iP49 Portable rechargeable audio system with alarm clock and FM radio.

ihome iP49 iPod iPhone speaker dock

ihome iP49

The iHome iP2 is actually the follow-up to the iP1 and features Bongiovi Acoustics DPS technology and 50-watt of bi-amped power. The iP49 also includes the Bongiovi technology for enhanced sound.

iHome iP39 iPod iPhone kitchen speaker dock

iHome iP39

iHome’s iP39 iPod/iPhone speaker is designed to be used in kitchen. It has FM radio and two timers, quick minute based timer for fast setting and a second with finer timer increments.



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