Samsung SMX-C20, SMX-C24 and HMX-M20 Digital Camcorders

Samsung SMX-C20, SMX-C24 digital camcorder

Samsung presents three new stylish, ergonomic digital camcorders, the SMX-C20, SMX-C24 and HMX-M20. All of them feature the built-in 25 degree Active Angle Lens, which was first introduced in SMX-C10 and HMX-R10.

Samsung HMX-M20 Full HD Digital Camcorder

The SMX-C20 are SMX-C24 are standard definition camcorder that record video at 720×480 and feature 10x zoom lens. They capture 2 Megapixel images as well. Samsung’s HMX-M20 is a Full HD-capable camcorder that record 1080p video at 60fps and capture still images at 12 Megapixel. It is equipped with Samsung’s Back Side Illumination (BSI) CMOS imaging sensor and boasts n 8x optical zoom / 12x intelli zoom lens. They all have a 2.7-inch LCD display.

Samsung SMX-C20, SMX-C24 digital camcorder

All three camcorders include built-in intelli-studio software gives users the ability to connect the camcorder to any computer via USB and edit and play their video without having to install supporting software. There are also one-touch YouTube upload button. Options for basic on-camera editing, including the ability to merge and split video files are also provided.

The SMX-C24 has 16GB built-in flash memory while the SMX-C20 and HMX-M20 have no internal memory. They support SD/SDHC cards. The C20 and C24 are now available.



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