Corsair Nova and Reactor series SSDs

Corsair Reactor series SSD

Corsair Nova SSD

Corsair rolls out two new series of Solid State Drives, the Nova series that comes in 64GB (V64) and 128GB (V128) capacities and the Reactor in 60GB (R60) and 120GB (R120) density.

Corsair Reactor series SSD

The Corsair Nova series utilizes the Indilinx Barefoot controller and MLC NAND flash memory. It offers up to 215MB/s read and 195MB/s (V128) or 130MB/s (V64) write speeds. It has 64MB cache memory.

Corsair’s Reactor series, on the other hand, gets 128MB cache memory and offers 250MB/s read speeds. The 60GB R60 provides 110MB/s write speeds while the 120GB R120 has 170MB/s speed. Other than SATA interface, the Reactor includes also mini USB port as well.



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