M-Edge Accessories for iPad

M-Edge Accessories for iPad

M-Edge Accessories for iPad

M-Edge will release a suite of accessories for Apple’s iPad, which will be released in Spring 2010. Products to be launched include the following:

FlexStand bookstand – Compact, portable, flexible legs, adjustable feets

M-Edge Professional Line – 12 leather colors

  • Executive Jacket – fashionable and smart wraparound closure strap
  • Platform Jacket – easel-style design
  • Page Sleeve – lightweight sleeve, top closure strap
  • Destination Bag – Compact travel bag with two roomy compartments

M-Edge Sport Line – 6 colors

  • Leisure Jacket – clear vinyl cover
  • Latitude Jacket – Zipped jacket, extra zipper pockets
  • Touring Sleeve – impact-resistant neoprene, safeguard the iPad against drops.
  • Journey Bag – messenger-style bag

M-Edge Contemporary Line – 6 colors

  • Trip Jacket – opens like a book, contrast-colored elastic strap for secure closure
  • Flip Jacket – flips open vertically, four-point mounting system
  • Slip Sleeve – keeps the iPad fashionably tucked away
  • Hip Bag – compact, messenger-style bag, easily accessible pockets


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