OCZ Colossus Lite Series 3.5-inch SSD

OCZ Colossus Lite LT 3.5-inch SSD

OCZ introduces the Colossus Lite (aka Colossus LT) series 3.5-inch SSD (solid state drive) with internal RAID 0 and a dual controller design. Based on MLC NAND flash, this new series SSD comes with 128MB onboard cache memory and supports Background Garbage Collection.

OCZ Colossus Lite LT 3.5-inch SSD

The Colossus LT is available in 128GB, 256GB, 512GB and 1TB capacities. It uses SATA II interface and offers up to 260 MB/s read speed and 260MB/s write speed and a maximum IOPS of15,000. The Colossus LT has a lightweight aluminum casing.

The OCZ Colossus Lite is now available.



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