Yamaha EPH-20, EPH-30 and EPH-50 In-ear Headphones

Yamaha EPH-30 in-ear headphones

Yamaha announced three new in-ear headphones, the EPH-20, EPH-30 and EPH-50. All of them use dynamic type sound drivers with 20-21,000Hz frequency response and come with three ear buds with various sizes fitting the ears of any users.

Yamaha EPH-20 in-ear headphones

Yamaha EPH-20

The entry-level Yamaha EPH-20 feature 10.7mm driver unit. It comes in five colors, black, hot pink, indigo blue, lime green and red berry brown and the price is $29.95.

Yamaha EPH-30 in-ear headphones

Yamaha EPH-30

The canal-type EPH-30, comes in black and white, features 9mm driver and isolates external ambient noise. It is priced at $49.95.

Yamaha EPH-50 In-ear Headphones

Yamaha EPH-50

Lastly, the professional quality EPH-50 gets 13.6mm sound driver, extra durable construction and comes with a 1/4-inch plug adapter for home stereo use. It costs $99.95 and is available in black and white.

All these Yamaha headphones are durable and are of high efficiency to maximize mp3 player battery life.

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