Yamaha YHT-893, YHT-693, YHT-593, YHT-493 and YHT-393 3D-Ready HTiB Systems

Yamaha YHT-893 3D-Ready HTiB System

Yamaha launches five new home theater in a box (HTiB) systems, including the YHT-893 with 730W totoal power; the YHT-693 and YHT-593 with 625W power, the YHT-493 and YHT-393 with 600W total power. Except the 7.1-channel YHT-893, all other models offer 5.1-channel output.

Yamaha YHT-893 3D-Ready HTiB System

Yamaha YHT-893

All these HTiB system feature 1080p-compatible HDMI repeaters (4 in/ 1 out) with 3D support for the Side-by-Side (Half) and Top-and-Bottom formats. They have Burr-Brown 192 kHz/24-bit DACs for all channels, Deep Color (30/36bit), x.v.Color, 24Hz refresh rates and Auto Lip-Sync compensation to ensure the picture and sound match up perfectly.

Yamaha YHT-693 3D-Ready HTiB System

Yamaha YHT-693

The top-of-the-line YHT-893 supports Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio; Dolby Digital Plus
and DTS-HD High Resolution Audio HD audio decoding and comes with 2-way 7-channel speaker package with a 10-inch 100W subwoofer. It includes also the new Yamaha iPhone/iPod-compatible YDS-12 dock. The YHT-593, YHT-493 and YHT-393 systems have 5.1 channel receivers and speaker packages with 8-inch 100W subwoofers. The 5.1 channel YHT-693’s speaker package includes a powerful 10-inch 100W front firing subwoofer to drive low-end bass.

Yamaha YHT-593 3D-Ready HTiB System

Yamaha YHT-593

Yamaha YHT-493 3D-Ready HTiB System

Yamaha YHT-493

Yamaha YHT-393 3D-Ready HTiB System

Yamaha YHT-393

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