iLuv iSP130, iSP150 and iSP170 Portable Speakers

iLuv iSP170 Portable Speaker

iLuv announced three new portable speakers, the iSP130, iSP150 and iSP170, for iPad,portable devices and laptop PCs.

The iSP130 is a mini clip speaker with a built-in hanging clip for mounting making it ideal for use with laptops. It is USB powered. iLuv iSP150 is a portable speaker ideal for iPod, iPhone, laptop and other portable devices. It can be powered by either USB or four AAA batteries and offers 3.5mm jack.

Lastly, the USB-powered iLuv iSP170 two-piece Cube speaker. It offers loud and clear sound and comes with built-in volume control.

iLuv iSP130 Portable Speaker

iLuv iSP130

iLuv iSP150 Portable Speaker

iLuv iSP150

iLuv iSP170 Portable Speaker

iLuv iSP170



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