Disney TRON Headphones, iPod dock, Mouse, Keyboard and Game Controllers

Disney Monster TRON ipod dock
Disney Monster TRON ipod dock

Monster TRON iPod dock

Disney Consumer Products announced its line of TRON: Legacy inspired electronic devices including computer peripherals, iPod dock..etc.

Disney Razer TRON gaming keyboard

Razer TRON Gaming Keyboard

First of all we can find TRON headphones and TRON iPod dock from Monster. Monster Tron T1 over-ear headphones feature Advanced Noise Suppression Technology and ControlTalk, which enables easy and clear hands-free calling. It is priced at $349.99. There is also an in-ear headphones with ControlTalk that costs $99.99 and a $299.99 iPod dock inspired by the iconic data disk from TRON: Legacy.

Razer also made TRON: Legacy inspired gaming peripherals, including a gaming mouse with Razer’s 5600dpi 3.5g gaming grade sensor, a gaming keyboard with programmable keys and macro capabilities as well as a detachable keypad, and a mouse mat. The price range from $79-139.

Disney PDP TRON Xbox 360 controller

TRON Xbox 360 Controller

Lastly, there are game controllers from PDP that bring the look and feel of TRON: Legacy directly into the hands of gamers. You can expect controllers for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and a wireless Wii remote control. PDP also offers a line of iPod, iPhone and iPad cases inspired by the world of TRON.

Disney Razer TRON gaming mouse

Razer TRON Gaming Mouse

Disney PDP TRON Wii remote controller

TRON Wiimote



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