Marantz CD5004 CD Player and PM5004 Integrated Amplifier

Marantz CD5004 CD Player

Marantz is launching the CD5004 single disc CD player and the PM5004 integrated amplifier. Both of them have aluminum/Glass-reinforced resin hybrid front panel.

The CD5004 CD player features marantz HDAM-SA2 analog audio circuit (HDAM stands for Hyper Dynamic Amplifier Module) and Cirrus Logic CS4392 D/A converter. It also utilizes high quality film capacitors in the audio signal path for superior transient speed and better bass response. The CD5004 supports CD-R/RW discs as well as MP3, WMA audio files.

Marantz CD5004 CD Player

Marantz CD5004

Marantz PM5004, on the other hand, has a current feedback design. It features discrete-component amplifier with current feedback Pre&Power amplifier and a Source Direct switch that allows you to bypass tone and balance controls for the shortest signal path from input to output. The PM5004 offers 10Hz – 50kHz frequency resoonse time up to 45W output power.

Marantz CD5004 and PM5004 are available for $349.99 and $449.99 respectively.

Marantz PM5004 Integrated Amplifier

Marantz PM5004

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