TDK CLEF TH-SB20YG, TH-SB21YG and TH-SB22YG Sports Headphones

TDK CLEF TH-SB22YG Neckband Type headphones

TDK CLEF TH-SB20YG Canal Type headphones

TDK Life on Record, a brand owned by Imation, introduces in Japan the new CLEF line sports headphones, including the Canal Type TH-SB20YG, Inner Type TH-SB21YG and Neckband Type TH-SB22YG. Obvioulsy, you can see differences between three headphones by looking at their name.

TDK CLEF TH-SB21YG Inner Type headphones

The TH-SB20YG features 9mm drivers while the TH-SB21YG and TH-SB22YG boasts 13.5mm and 14.7mm drivers. They all have 20-20,000Hz frequency response, a 1.2 meter cord and 3.5mm connector.

TDK CLEF TH-SB22YG Neckband Type headphones

TDK’s CLEF headphones will be released in August.



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