Ricoh G700 Rugged Digital Camera

Ricoh G700 Rugged Digital Camera

Ricoh G700 Rugged Digital Camera

Ricoh launches its all-new G700 rugged digital camera, created for demanding professionals, that is IPX8 water-, dust-, and shock- resistant and is also chemical resistant. The 12.1 Megapixel G700 features a 5x optical zoom lens with 28mm wide angle, 1cm macro, 3-inch LCD display and a SD/SDHC card slot with SD WORM (write once read many) card support.

Ricoh G700 Rugged Digital Camera back

The Ricoh G700 includes digital image stabilizer, ISO up to 3200, camera lock function, bar code reader function, built-in electronic level, camera memo function, and the new new electronic vibration correction function that takes two exposures at high speed with the differences being calculated. It also offers the skew correction function that allows a rectangular objects photographed at an angle to be corrected so they appear to have been shot squarely.

G700 can be disinfected with ethanol or sodium hypochlorite, which has been approved as a food additive disinfectant, meaning it can be safely used in medical facilities and production facilities. This rugged camera uses either rechargeable battery or two AAA batteries.



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