Samsung 16GB Very Low Profile Memory Module Unveiled

Samsung logo

Samsung introduces a 16GB, very low profile (VLP) memory module at VMworld 2010 in an IBM HS22V blade server, running on Intel Xeon 5600-series processors. The module is based on 4Gb 40nm class DDR3 and uses 8 4Gb dual-die packaged (DDP) chips, operating on 1.35 volts of electrical current. According to Samsung, the new 16GB VLP module uses 70% less power than four 4GB DDR3 modules and over 40% less than two 8GB modules.

IBM offers Samsung’s VLP module in HS22V and HS22 balde servers. The former offers up to 288GBs with Samsung’s DDR3 16GB DIMMs (dual in-line memory modules), while the HS22 provides up to 192GBs.



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