Acer Aspire Predator AG7750-U3222 and AG5900-U3092 Gaming PCs

Acer Aspire Predator AG5900-U3092 Gaming PC

Acer adds to is Aspire Predator gaming desktop PC line two new models, the high-end Aspire Predator AG7750-U3222 and the mainstream Aspire Predator AG5900-U3092. The former is Acer’s premium gaming system with bold design and orange and black chassis while the latter comes with a modern black chassis that has dramatic orange accents and an eye-catching vent design.

Acer Aspire Predator AG7750-U3222 gaming pc

Acer Aspire Predator AG7750-U3222

The Predator AG7750-U3222 is powered by Intel Core i7-940 quad-core processor, 12GB of RAM and a NVIDIA GeForce GTX470 with 1280MB RAM and NVIDIA SLI technology, making it ready for 3D gaming. It has a 1.5TB hard drive and three additional easy-swap hard disk drive cages. The gaming machine offers two eSATA ports, two Ethernet ports, two DVI-D ports, IEEE 1394, 11 USB 2.0 ports, as well as two PCI Express x16, two PCI Express x1, one PCI Express x8 and a standard PCI expansion slots. The dramatic orange and black desktop boasts a mechanized front cover that can be raised up and over the front of the chassis to provide convenient access to a multi-in-one card reader as well as USB and audio ports.

Acer Aspire Predator AG5900-U3092 Gaming PC

Acer Aspire Predator AG5900-U3092

Acer’s Predator AG5900-U3092 is a model for mainstream gamers with a more “mainstream” price. It packs Core i7-870 processor, 8GB RAM, 1GB ATI Radeon HD5850 video card and a 1.5T hard drive. This system has 12 USB 2.0 ports, HDMI output, and two DVI ports. There are also two open PCI Express x1 slots and a standard PCI for expansion.

The Acer Aspire Predator AG7750-U3222 and AG5900-U3092 are priced at $1,999.99 and $1349.99 respectively.


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