Victor-JVC SP-A230 and SP-A1M Portable Speakers

Victor-JVC SP-A230 portable speakers
Victor-JVC SP-A230 portable speakers

Victor-JVC SP-A230

Victor-JVC launches two new portable speakers in Japan, the bar-shaped SP-A230 and the SP-A1M that looks like a camera lens. The former has dual 30mm sound drivers with 160mW x 2 output while the latter has a single 30mm driver.

Victor-JVC SP-A1M Portable Speakers

Victor-JVC SP-A1M

The SP-A230 measures 16.2cm x 4.2cm x 3.2cm and weighs 135g, and the SP-A1M is smaller at 75mm x 75mm x 41mm and 80g. Both of them use 3.5mm stereo input. The JVC SP-A230 comes in black, gold, red and white while the SP-A1M in blue, black, pink and white.

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